Tips and information when going for trips in England

Several Norwegians travel from Norway to England to catch a glimpse of football live. By this, there are several ways through which these die-hard football fans can get to England to watch these games. The most common and easiest ways are by air.

fotballtur England brings to you some of the common airports that several fans use when getting to England:

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is the biggest airport in England. The airport has five distinct terminals. Terminals one, two and three have a common train station whereas terminal four a separate station. Depending on the airliner, most Norwegians travel using terminals 3 and 4.KLM airliner from Amsterdam uses terminal 4 while SAS makes use of terminal 3.

While in the airport, there is an option of enjoying a Heathrow Express train to Paddington. The train operates all the days of the week starting off early in the morning. The tickets for this train are bought from the airport or when on board the train using either cash or by credit cards.

Manchester airport

The airport has a train station which operates daily. The train in Manchester airport leaves to Manchester Piccadilly station after every 10 minutes. Tickets from the airport can be purchased from the airport or a tickets machine in the station.

Fans traveling to Anfield from the Manchester airport travel straight to Liverpool Lime Street Station although you may end up traveling I more than one train.

Gatwick Airport

The train from this airport leaves every quarter an hour before making stopovers at Victoria Station. From Victoria, the journey lasts for a further 30 minutes at a returnable price of USD 23.50.

John Lennon Airport, Liverpool

John Lennon airport is situated in the heart of Liverpool. Buses from the city take approximately 45 minutes to arrive at Lime Street station. Fans traveling out of Liverpool can then book for another bus at a fixed returnable fee. Moreover, Liverpool is full of taxes that charge a small amount similar to what is paid for in Norway.

Newcastle airport

Newcastle airport is another available option of traveling to other stadiums within England. From the airport, buses travel into Newcastle. The buses take about 20 minutes to arrive at Newcastle Central station at a fee of USD 1.50 each time it goes in or out of Newcastle.

Stansted Airport

Using the Stansted airport is the easiest way of getting to central London from Stansted. Buses from this airport spend approximately 30 minutes to travel to Liverpool Street station. From here, there are several trains and several other underground lines from where the fans can travel to other parts of the country.

Besides, there are several other airports that most Norwegians and other football lovers can use to get to several destinations whenever they are on tour. The most common ones include the following:

  • Stavanger to Gatwick or Heathrow
  • Bergen to Gatwick
  • Oslo to Gatwick or Heathrow or Manchester
  • Bergen to London Heathrow.
  • Stavanger to London or Manchester

If you are an ardent football fan get a ticket from fotballtur Liverpool fra to have an opportunity of experiencing the sport of football live from Liverpool.

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