Time Management From The Heart (A 21st Century Time Management System)



There are seven principles that for the foundation of the 21st Century Time Management system. These seven principles help you understand and set-up the program. A thorough understanding of the principles will help you to implement the program more effectively.


1. Let Go - You can’t get everything done. You need accept this is true

2. Responsibility – take full responsibility for how you spend your time

3. Whole Life - Whole in one

a. Structure - Use a structure and your intuition

b. Capacity - Know your capacity

4. Personalize - Develop your personal version of the approach

a. Style - Recognize your thinking style and adapt your approach to suit your style

b. Values - Get clear on your top 5 values and the behaviours that reflect these values

5. Instincts - Trust your instincts

6. Feel Success – success is about how you feel NOT how much you get done

7. Build Your Personal Time Management System



For more information on how to protect your system,

Download ebook: Time Management For Busy Managers: http://supermanfreebie.blogspot.com/2011/05/time-management-for-bus...

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