Those who built this foundation,

Dreamt of a greater nation.

Those whose soul drifted with the war,

Died in the struggle without getting ashore.

The independence from the Brits,

The civil war had crumpled people’s spirits,

On the verge for peaceful co-existence.

Forty something years gone

The dreams remained buried alive,

The messages passed across the air,

Is of hopelessness and oppression.

Where lies the rule of law?

Deceit had made the nation a slave-

To those whose aim is to empty the vault

Filled with the poor man’s toil.

This wasn’t their dream,

Remember Dele Giwa, who bled for the truth,

Saro-wiwa was hanged for his people,

Abiola got poisoned for democracy,

Kudirat got shot for being a threat-

To those who stole the nation’s dream.

We have huge expanse of land,

Still our people snore under the bridges,

We claimed the constitution acclaimed equal right,

But the man in the upper house never go to jail.

The judge is his person, he feeds the jail warden.

This is not the dream our fathers sought,

This is not the cause they fought.

Right on our streets,

The poor gets incarcerated,

Either for stealing a fowl

Or making away with someone else’s money,

Yet the big men steal the nation’s treasure,

Millions of Naira for their selfish pleasure.

They laugh at the law; they are always men of the year.

The day calls us to the crow of gun shots,

The night sends us sleeping with fever,

Houses have fallen under the feet of a bulldozer,

Market women chased around with horse whips

For selling their wares by the road side.

Lots of youths are locked up in cells

Still awaiting a bleak trial,

Banks crumbling from greed of some people,

Graduates on the street in search for a non-existing Job.

Was this the dreams of those who toiled for our country?

All this problems,

Have given birth to religious disorder,

Our youths have been brain washed,

Used as instruments for political manslaughter.

Our police men have turned to rogues

Stealing and killing in the name of government.

Where is the face of justice? Where is the light of freedom?

Look what they have turned the nation to,

A wilderness filled with hunger and thirst.

A motionless vehicle with wheels but no engine,

A stream filled with poisons and faeces,

We are tired of all this,

Where is the freedom our fathers died for?

I feel them in their graves

Those men who took the pride-

In paddling this canoe amidst the tide.

I feel their restlessness right from within

To bring to justice those who have come to destroy

Every traces of freedom fought for-

In the name of a one peaceful Nigeria.

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