This tactic is currently perfect, and if Ni?o has more touches than any Premier League player in the first four games. For example, for Newcastle, the Italian midfielde r completed a total of 158 passes, while the Newcastle team added 131 times. This also allowed Kanter to vFIFA 19 Coins be even more pressured, and Pedro and Marcos Alonso could also use their speed to further strengthen Chelsea's offense. The two major Spanish players have contributed several assists in the new season. And scoring.

Like Surrey, Conti made a tactical revolution in the first season of coaching Chelsea. The most important thing was the 3-guard style. After that, Chelsea scored 13 consecutive victories and tied Arsenal. In 2002, he created the longest winning streak in a single season and then won the championship at the end of the season. This also proves that Chelsea has a history of success with new tactics, and now Surrey is expected to do the same

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