At the E3 annual expo held in Los Angeles on Wednesday, many PES 2017 news broke out. The new PES 2017 news includes new features, myClub, games and more. Let's break down the news that has been released.

It seems that Konami has already heard feedback from players and communities, and it is easier to buy specific players. You can now buy scouts with professional fields. If you buy enough professional scouts, then you have more chances to sign him. Konami actually mentions that scouts keep their words when describing the players you are looking for; this shows that admitting that PES 2016 myClub agents are not really sticking to the types of players they claim they will sign.

In addition, more attention is paid to the novice and veteran tutorials. This will allow newcomers to master the model faster and allow players who are already familiar with myClub to learn all about the pattern.

Editing data can now be transferred between the PS4 consoles via USB. Data sharing will also be compatible across multiple regions, allowing European, U.S., and Asian users to share data with each other. This is a game changer Rocket League Crates. Kits and created teams/players can be more easily obtained than previous versions of PES. It simplifies the previously edited suite. More importantly, it opens up entirely new elements of PES, and the teams and players thus created can be immediately transferred. Think of it this way... Prior to PES 2016 and before, if you wanted to build a team, create new players for this team, and you wanted to share them, then you had to let this person know the exact setting of the team and players. Copying this will be very time consuming. This will no longer be the case. We expect this to mean a lot of very well-designed (possibly close to perfect understanding of the PES community) classic teams and legends as well as statistical data as realistic as possible. This is arguably the most exciting new feature that PES 2017 will provide.

Another element of Konami has been listening to the voice of fans. Game analysis will be provided in offline games between friends and online myClub tournaments. You will be able to analyze your opponent's gameplay characteristics (counterattack/ball control, short pass/long pass, etc.), favorite moves, and the venues they use for most attacks. This will allow you to adapt your opponent's strategy by fine-tuning your own advanced tactics.

In addition, the game analysis will track the victory, defeat, draw, goals and goals; no matter who is better, there will be no dispute between friends. You can't argue with facts!

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