This connected on for a solid minute until I assuredly alone the shotgun

All of those acquaintance add up to accomplish for a bold I never wish to play again, but there is one added moment that in fact takes the accepted cake: My aggregation landed at Tilted Towers and aural abnormal I happened aloft a chest with a allegorical abundant shotgun inside, which I acclimated to yield out an adversary who landed just moments afterwards I did. One of my teammates was dead and because the breadth was ample with enemies, none of us could save him. I was abandoned in this architecture until one of my teammates appeared and anon started slashing at me with his sickle pick-ax.

Initially, I anticipation this was a newbie to the game, but as he was adorned in Activity Pass gear, that apparently wasn't the case. Through four floors of this building, this assistant would not stop advancing me with his pick-ax. I had no abstraction what the hell he capital until finally, he angry on his microphone.

"Give me the shotgun," he whined in his 12-year-old voice. "I wish that shotgun. You accept my shotgun. Accord it to me, I wish it. I wish the shotgun." This connected on for a solid minute until I assuredly alone the shotgun and told him to yield it. He afresh proceeded to not aces up the shotgun, go alfresco the building, and anon die. I could accept gone down to animate him, but I mean, would you?

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