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Thesis is one of the most complicated academic writing samples a student may have to write. This short name in fact covers a whole range of writing activities. Thesis can in fact be a monograph or “thesis by publication”. The common thing in case of writing the kind of paper is having reference section with wide list of works used for research or bibliography. The overall format of work may differ depending on a number of factors but most importantly based on the nature of the subject reviewed.

The most important challenges for people writing thesis are time and workload. It is a usual thing that people who are required to write a work of thesis level are employed and have to spend most of their time at work. Therefore a situation when complicated research gets somewhat overlooked is quite common. The only realistic option in this case would be to contact professional service providing home work help and thesis writing assistance. We are glad to say that our site represents exactly the kind of service.

To achieve top level in thesis writing we had to devise a whole system of measures

It all starts with writer selection process. The overall quality of the resulting written piece is critically dependent on the qualities of people who are writing it. In our effort to deliver you best writing achievable we perfected the selection and evaluation process.

Our writers have to have certain educational level. We believe that at the end of the day cheap substitutes will work against the interests of our clients and therefore against our own interests. For this reason people whom we employ should have roughly the same educational background as our clients. It means that we only work with writers possessing a degree from US, UK or Canadian university.

Degree itself is not the only factor determining the overall quality of performance. To ensure we are working with right people our writers are required to have certain track record of completed works. This requirement allows us to assess their ability to organize knowledge possessed into coherent and useful texts.

Furthermore our writers are monitored and assessed throughout their writing activities. We have developed a scoring system which links the quality of writing and experience of particular writer to the salary level therefore creating an effective incentive for them to perfect their skills and attitude.

Another part of our technology is Administrative department. This particular group of people is responsible for various tasks including Customer Support. Yet their main objective is quality assessment. Each and every work written will then be submitted to Administrative Department where qualified people will perform plagiarism check and general quality control.

Our payment solutions and data protection are also worth mention. We employ PayPal which is a proven secure method of fast payment processing. Our company maintains high standard of internal controls aimed at client data preservation. We understand how critical confidentiality is for anyone contacting custom writing service and for this reason employ a comprehensive scheme of data protection and IT security.

Our aim is not merely getting more and more clients. We are intended to build lasting relationship and assist people who are struggling to get the product critically important for their future. For this reason we encourage you to try our services and become part of the privileged community which is able to enjoy all the benefits of student life without excessive stress and unbearable workload.

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