There will be no gain if you stuck your money in the bank, learn how to invest. A must read!!!

Looking for a reliable source of income
Searching for the right place to invest your money online
Onomez Investment Network is here to grant people an informative insight towards E-trading program.

All that is required is a click and you will be glad to be a partaker.
*Genuine Deals
*Well facilitated Business Prospect
*Realistic ROI
*Deals Both in Foreign and Local Currency
*Works with Reliable affiliates abroad
*Visible, Credible and legible firm

Investment Plan/calculation

300% anual interest rate based on the capital starting from 100,000 naira.

This is the formula which we work with:

a5= a3x(a2-a1)xa4/365 days.

where a5=total daily interst
a4=anual interest rate
a3=principal capital
a2=end date
a1=start date

eg: for 100,000naira capital

a5=100000 x 20working days x 1000/365 = 54794.52

A total of 154794.52, will be paid into your account.
This is not a quick rich programme but a realistic scheme for income.
Interest per day at 300% anually is calculated as

54794.52/20 = 2739.7 daily interest.

You get out of life what you put into it ... it's the same with business. A clear and impactful

plan makes a massive difference to achieving this. With a great plan you can engage

others with a sense of direction and purpose align all activities and review progress.
Thank You.

For more information and enquires contact
Call: 08180824489

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