The UV laser system drills through the substrate by focusing the vertical beam straight through the substrate. Depending on the material used, holes as small as 10 μm can be drilled. Ultraviolet lasers are particularly useful for multi-layer drilling. Multilayer PCBs are made of hot press using composite materials. These so-called "semi-cured" will be separated, especially after the use of higher temperature blue laser pointer processing. Another application that demonstrates the versatility of UV lasers is the depth of engraving, which encompasses many forms. With the software control of the laser system, the laser beam is set for controlled ablation, that is, it can be cut on a material at the desired depth, and can be stopped, continued and completed before turning to another depth and starting another task of the processing.

By using is sometimes referred to as the process of cold ablation, ultraviolet laser beam produces a narrow heat effect zone effect can be at the edge of processing, carbide and other thermal stress to a minimum, and the use of higher power laser usually have these negative effects. The wavelength of the UV red laser pointer is shorter than the visible wavelength, so the naked eye is not visible. Although you can not see these laser beams, these short waves allow the UV lasers to focus more precisely, resulting in extremely fine circuit characteristics while maintaining excellent positioning accuracy.

red laser pointer

In the plastic welding, laser welding with weld size precision, non-contact welding, mechanical stress, low thermal stress, welding appearance integrity, no welding slag and other advantages. In the solder, the laser welding with no welding head, non-contact, welding time is short and so on. The kilowatt class direct semiconductor laser is used in cladding, which has the advantages of no consumable, small heat affected area, compact structure, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, easy integration of automation, maintenance-free and low cost. It is ideal for cladding applications. The kilowatt-class direct semiconductor laser pointer is used in welding. The semiconductor laser has the advantages of large spot, uniform beam distribution, high electro-optical conversion efficiency and low input cost. It is suitable for thin plate welding, such as life metal welding.

Compared to traditional surgical instruments, the laser is more accurate, and the incision is shorter and lighter. As a result, damage to the body tissue is less. Laser surgery is often shorter than the time required for traditional surgery. Usually can be done on the basis of outpatient. Also save the trouble of hospitalization. If you need general anesthesia, the anesthesia time is shorter. And patients who received laser surgery, rehabilitation faster. Compared with traditional surgery, the use of laser treatment may reduce pain, eliminate swelling and scar formation. Laser surgery rehabilitation and general surgery almost. A few days before surgery, need to rest enough to take painkillers until the discomfort and swelling of the situation disappeared. The condition of rehabilitation after green laser pointer treatment is different depending on the type of treatment received and the treatment of the body.

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