The update is carrying a brand new map

This collaboration with Universal only shows that Psyonix have created a game that truly entertains its audiences. Cross-overs between games and major film franchises, or with wrestling giant WWE, have helped the company continue to  Crates Rocket League market itself in a huge way.

What’s the one thing more enjoyable than playing soccer in a rocket-powered car? That’s right: playing on a beach, blasting ’80s synth-pop while doing so. Fortunately, Psyonix knows this, and their latest update for Rocket League Patch v1.45 kicks off the summer season by taking us to the beach. Along with marking the beginning of Competitive Season 8, the update also introduces the new Salty Shores arena.

Psyonix has announced the next update heading to its massively popular rocket-car and football mash-up title, Rocket League, to be Salty Shores. The update is carrying a brand new map, Competetive Season 8, new music, a Battle-Car as part of the new Impact Crate, and other improvements.

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