Please I have many questions on my mind 2 ask de waec officials but first of all WHY? De massive failure of students dat wrote de waec exams, dis is unfair 2 see school students go frustrated. Imagine de thousands of students dat wrote de waec examination whole 75% of them failed, dis is incredible 2 believe after JAMB have frustrated many students 4 not entry de university b4 de federal govt intervene 2 help now again WAEC. Secondly WHY? Is dat still yet most of de results are not yet released especially de SOUTH-SOUTH what is de problem again, dis waec officials are our parents, teachers, mentors etc dat always adverse us dat we should go 2 school dat education is de key 2 de future but with de failure of results and seized results how do you guys want us 2 be encourage dan being frustrated, lastly I’m begging de WAEC BOARD and de FEDERAL GOVT 2 temper justice with mercy 4 de seek of our 2morow and de next generation unborn.

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