Yet another political climatic climax to be observed with many to play the role of the facilitator (voters) and a few to play the role of the facility (candidate). Among the majority of this intending facilities, a huge number of them has once been facilitated into success irrespective of the strength and series of contraineous hurdles that arose naturally or otherwise. Against this backdrop , a few refused to be cowarded and were so insolent in their quest even though their respective success took more than half the dispensation they were honoured to serve by virtue of the elections conducted by the supposed to be independent electoral commission which later proceeded to the total exhaustation of judicial interventions. We all bear witness that even until date, some flag bearers are still in the quest even though it will take after their pre-supposed dispensation hence making their if-eventual success invalid.
For the successful majority, glorious songs, sunged with all enthusiasm was the order of the day. For another few , their defeat was uncontestable and their story was sour to tell, their story was synonymous to a dirge. Sympathetically for the fortunate-unfortunate, their story was tragically episodic and this effected to series of events including impeachment plot and implementation, lowering of the national flag, signing of condolence registers, sessions upon sessions of valedictory speeches, media tributes and a forever loss of visionaries and their respective vision. Indeed in these camps, their songs were surely a dirge. But nature have it , these happenings acted as a irresistible option of change as spaces were filled in the political hierarchy , cabinets were reshuffled with some persons highly favoured and for some others it was otherwise.
Nevertheless , this changes also reflects on the various political camps; cross party movement of big wigs, speculation of anticipated interest of present office holders as against their respective party guideline, and other cloudy political actions which is believed to be aimed at sustaining and promoting concerned political structural interest and more as it unfolds.
Now the electioneering rain is almost set to fall and this would create an enabling environment for transition to occur . Prior to this transition, there have been series of agitation to reform the electoral commission which later resulted into some positive actions like renaming a new electoral chairman and a host of other subordinates though their respective saddled responsibilities is yet to be proven, but lest we forgetted, cuddles should be given to those individuals that struggled towards this course of electoral commission revolution in the making.
Perhaps the election commission is credible, but how credible are the aspirants or even the eventual candidates? Maybe to me and you this is rhetorical or even to the contestant themselves. For those that have served and are willing to comeback, what is the motive behind their coming back , is it because of their present emolument and pecuniary advantages and foresight or is it the will of the people they represent . Presenting all this facts, the appropriate question would be this? If the basic salary and all other vote and allowances for honourable representatives is withdrawn and utilized for other government developmental purposes, and the basic welfare of these honourable representatives is averagely taken care of, will this same persons and even the intending ones be interested in representing, even when they know that they would be recognized as ambassadors of good governance to the regime they served.

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