The transaction will be completed by the end of this month

However, the contents of the German media's "Fussball transfer" may reveal why at this time it will be reported that Pakistani God will go to the United States Major League. The major shareholder of Washington DC is currently Intersil's shareholder, Toshihil, but Toshihil has already reached an equity deal with Chinese-American businessman Huang Xinxiang. He will transfer 78% of the team’s shares to Huang Xinxiang for a price of FIFA Coins 400 million euros. The transaction will be completed by the end of this month. The wealthy new boss took over and naturally hopes to bring some new atmosphere to the team. Buying Balotelli like a famous star in Europe is obviously the best way for new bosses to please fans. Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that the Washington Union side will approach Raioola at the moment to negotiate the possibility of Balotelli’s transfer.

Coutinho had represented Liverpool in the Champions League group stage in the first half of the season. Unexpectedly, in January's winter window, the Brazilian star still insisted on joining Barcelona. According to the rules of UEFA, Coutinho could not represent a single season. The two teams played in the Champions League, so after joining Barcelona, ??he could not represent the new owner in the Champions League knockout debut.

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