The NHL season is divided into two parts. One is the regular season scheduled according to a schedule, and the four-game winning four-game playoffs in the elimination system. The team who won the playoffs in the final round wins Stanley. cup.

After the end of the regular season, the team with the most points in the division is the division champion. The best record in the league is awarded to "presidents' trophy." A total of eight single-team teams from each of the three division champions and the highest-ranked five teams of each club will advance to the playoffs NHL Coins. The division champion will be the first to third seed (even if the non-district champion advances the team better), while the non-district champion advancers rank fourth to eighth seed. The Stanley Cup playoffs are a four-game winning four-game elimination system, and the winner advances to the next round.

In the first round of the playoffs, or the quarter-finals of the federation, the first seed was the eighth seed, the second seed was the seventh, the third match was the sixth, and the fourth match was the fifth. In the second round, the semi-finals of the federation, the seed order was rearranged, and the best record in the team was the last record, and so on. In the third round, in the Champions League, the remaining two teams of the associations will play against each other. The winner is the Union Champion and receives tickets to the Stanley Cup Championship.

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