Federal Government of Nigeria is Considering the Re-Introduction of Toll Gates

The Minister of Power, works and Housing Babatunde Fashola stated that the federal government is considering the introducing of toll gate on our major roads. The minister said it is a matter of common sense because we often build and walk away.

But maintenance will be a part of our work program and will ask everybody to pay a little because this is our common wealth. The minister said such fund would be well managed and the government would holds those who use them to account and use technology.

At a annual general meeting of the society of engineers the chairman NIHE stated that road reforms need a holistic approach. The road reforms should follow international best practices and a need to involve users in the management and funding.

The chairman, Dr Isa Emoabino  in his presentation said the involvement of the public through funding of roads can be achieved via a National road fund.

Other observations include the non sustenance of the road reform agenda since 1980. He stated that there has been a catalog of failures to reform the road sector which has contributed to the current poor state of our roads.check out many more news,entertainment and healthy lifestyle issues on newsinaija.

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