The Switch edition of the racing game

At yesterday's Nintendo E3 conference, the Switch edition of the racing game "the rocket league" was officially announced. The popular game on other platforms is about to hit the nintendo Switch, and the game will support cross-platform play Rocket League Keys.

The latest news about the Switch is that the game is running at 60 frames in both the console and the base mode, with a resolution of 720p.

According to the developers, the reason for this is that they think the game's performance, smoothness is more important than quality. We know that when Swicth is in the handheld mode, the screen resolution is 720p, and when the base is attached, the HDMI output to other screens is supported by 1080p resolution Rocket League Crates.

The Switch version of the rocket league will be available for $20 at Christmas 2017. At present, the game team is actively negotiating with SONY to try to get through the cross game of the PS4 platform. The game now supports cross - game between PC and Xbox.

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