The super model lodge contest is a scripted, dramatic and exciting modeling competition for aspiring models aged between 14 & 28yrs of diverse background, the competition will open visit for female models to showcase their talent boost their confidence and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry.
The show will reveals the latest fashion and upcoming designers from different part of the world whilst showcasing and promotiong culture and life style to the rest of the world.
It is also opportunity for the leading magazine as well as high profile producers and director from the film, television and entertainment industries to provide them with a platform for national achievement and international recognition.
On top of being an honest and fair compelling tv show, the contest will also have a good deal of humour.
The competition would appeal to a wide audience and take it's place in the rating next to the top reality contest watcher and the more social media and internet viewers.
Contestant will be housed in the same complex where they will be trained and ask to perform a number of increasingly task, point will be given for excellent performance.
Each series of the contest has fourteen episode, each episode one contestant will be eliminated in rare cases a double elimination or no elimination.
Each of the season will be released domestically on DVD

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