Hey! Hey! Hey! Aren’t dreams so much fun? Just ask yourself what it would be like if mankind never had dreams. At times when a person desires something or desires an accomplishment, dreaming serves to bring such desires to fruition such that people usually want to know what kind of dream a person has for the future. So – and if I may ask – what is your dream?

Certainly not all dreams are made of substance or stuff (if you prefer). Some dreams are so much chaff – not worth the mention and frivolous to boot. For example a very hungry person may have a dream about eating a sumptuous meal only to wake up to hunger pangs. Some dreams are filled with fear, dread and terrors while some come with joy, laughter and much happiness.


Fortunes and fame have been lost or gained on the strength of a dream. Persons have lost or gained life on account of a dream. Gideon with three hundred men fought a vastly superior army and won on the strength of a dream (Judges 7:13-15). How about Joseph who became Prime Minister in Egypt on the strength of a dream and consequently became the salvation of a great many people and more significantly the people of Yisrael (Genesis 37) through whom we have the scriptures and the Messiah?


In all dreams are important and as such people should be aware of how their dreams influence actions as these may be the ruin or the making of the man. Dream on but dream well. 


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