The Nigerian nation has been termed various sorts of berating names...African sleeping giant, and so on. Now, it seems we are determined to face our destiny and one of the steps is to commit ourselves to 2011 election. Yes we did. We paid our tax, but where is our peace? The recent uprising in the north is not spontaneouos as Buhari claimed. It is premeditated. What is really happening now is exactly what happened when Buhari lost to Obasanjo in 2003 election. The only difference was that 2003 election was massively rigged. This brought about violent protests and killings of non northerners in the north. Buhari then, renounced violence.

It is quite unfortunate that Nigerians forget easily. I am not saying that Buhari should be arrested and be crucified but I agree with the statement of Imo stsate governor Ohakim, that the car has been pushed down the cliff without a driver, it is time to go down the valley to see the extent of the damages.

The unity of the nation has been called to question. For what justifiable cause will a youth copper who is serving his motherland be murdered. The attrocities in the north has raised a big question on the trust in the unity.

The truth is that the north is adding more wounds to their injuries because, no right thinking easterner would like to send his child to the north for national service again. If my children cannot get job because they did not do national service, so be it, they will join me in my business, after all, in other countries, students go to school without paying any dime or paying little because their education is sponsored by the government, but in Nigeria, it is (O.Y.O) "on your own". Now tell me, for what reason will I allow my children to go and serve in the territories that are inhabited by arsonists. Why should I labour in vain. Why should my children die like fowls in that arid zone? Can anybody give me a justifiable answer considering the rot and the negligence in the government? Enough is enough.

I advise those people whom their children are about to go for services to make sure that their children are not sent to the places they will be killed. I am not igniting hatred or division but I am facing the truth and the fact. WHY IS IT THAT ONLY ONE PART OF THE NATION IS SUFFERING FROM ANY SLIGHTEST SILLY PROVOCATION? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

People have been calling for national sovereign conference. This is the time this government should not only look into the call but also set up immediate framework to make sure that this fit is achieved as soon as possible. We easily forget. Buhari in a statement during the pre-election stated to Daily Sun that "if we do not get it right in 2011, Nigeria may cease to exist". Now , we got it right. What then is the provocation. We have to read meanings to statements and we have to learn how to keep documents for references. We forget easily and the politicians have capitalized on this our weakness to assert their strength.

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