The state of Nigerian Nation !!! Our Motherland !!!

Honestly speakly, i really don't like much about Nigeria presently considering the fact that Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa but virtually all her citizenry are living in abject poverty. Over the years, we have experienced brain-drain in Nigeria because of corruption, mismanagement, misappropriate, lack of freedom of speech, lack of freedom of the press, lack of security, sit-tight attitutdes of our leaders and other so many evil vices. So many educated and intellectual Nigerians can barely feed themselves talk of their families. Western world capitalized on this, to have most best brains that you can talk of in Nigeria. Nigeria is now a giant in Africa but without strength. The giant that Nigeria has become, is now in the hands of our leaders (Political Class) that have turned on looting all that belongs to every Nigerian. Now, Nigerians are scatters all over the world in search of greener pastures while we can boost of all the wealth you can think of in that country. May GOD have Mercy on our Leaders. They have turned themselves into oppressors instead of leaders oppressing the people they are meant to be leading. Now the 2011 election is around the corner and i wonder what else they will campaign with because in the past, they come up with projects they believe the communities needed most. Over the years, the politicians have been decieving our people with their empty promises and white elephant lies. They have to understand that the eyes of the world is watching them. Just very soon, Nemesis will caught up with each and every one of them. Just as the saying goes, "what goes up, must come down" another igbo addage says "if you take something that belongs to a child and raise it up in an effort to deny the child access to it, when you start having muscle ache in that hand, you will put it down". Soon they (politicians) will vomit that which they have eaten that belongs to the majority of Nigerians.

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