The Starting Point of All Achievement

I sure would like to have that or do that. Curso Maestro Reiki " I mean a burning desire. Something deep inside that tells them that they have to have that.Think about it, how many times in your life has there been something that you wanted to do. Some strong desire to accomplish, something that just consumed all of your thoughts, something you dreamed about all the time...what did you do to achieve that goal? If the desire was strong enough, you found a way to get it done.

If you look back through time at all of the great achievements accomplished you will see that the ones who made them happen, first dreamed of the idea, then because of their strong desire to see it happen, came up with a plan to make it happen and put that plan into action. Sure they met some resistance and even some failures along the way. But it was the desire to reach the goal that kept them trying until they succeeded.

Did Thomas Edison succeed on his first attempt at the light bulb? Of course not, In fact he failed more than 700 times before he got it right. But he had that burning desire to see his dream through to success that kept him going. He could very well have given up after the first hundred failures and wrote it off as impossible, but thankfully he didn't.

This same example can be seen throughout history in the likes of Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates.just to name a few. All of them met failure at some point in their careers. But they all had that burning desire to keep going and see their dreams through to the end.

So, find what it is that you desire out of life; Devise a plan to achieve it; Put the plan into action. And, don't stop trying if you fail the first couple of times. Use those failures as stepping stones and lessons as to what not to do. You know the old saying..."If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...and gain...and again until you reach your goal. Remember this..."If your WHY is strong enough, you will find the HOW." So, now use your DESIRE to succeed.

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