Generally, Coronavirus popularly known as COVID-19 has become the worldwide epidemic that has caused havoc, fear and panic as well as economic bankrupt in all the entire nations of the world in which Nigeria is among. It is revealed that COVID-19 was a virus that started in Wuhan a city China in late 2019. However, it is noted that this virus has existed before the latest infect in China which is now spread all over the world with more than a million people that have been affected, while over seventy thousand people have died.

On the 27th of February, 2020, Nigeria recorded the first victim of Coronavirus in Lagos (cf. From there, the COVID-19 has spread to some states in Nigeria of which more than 200 people have been affected and 5 people have died. Moreover, despite the panic and fear that has been generating as a result of this coronavirus, much efforts are needed to safeguard our nation from spreading to other parts of the country that have not affected, and at the same time to safe the citizens from the infect of the virus. The aim of this article is to point out the roles of the Nigerian government and her citizens towards tackling the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.


This first step and the role of the government is to close all the international airports, seaports, and all the land borders across the country. Actually, the closing of these borders should not be taken for granted. The government should put in place the personnel that will monitoring any movement across the borders. The States that are yet to have report case should adopt to the step of lockdown their states against spreading to their state.

The federal, state and local governments should ensure and implement the strict measures in terms of social distancing, social gathering as well as religious gathering. Proper announcements should be put in place to enlighten the citizens on the importance of these facts. Enlighten the people through their various religious leaders, community leaders and Organisations leaders for the full implementation of this order for a certain period just to tackling the spread of the virus. However, proper hygiene in the various homes should be handle seriously, daily fumigation of strategic areas like motor parks, markets, open field, etc.

In addition, a waste bin for waste removal should properly position in our various streets, and roads within the cities, towns and villages. And environmental agency should make sure they are carrying these waste bins and take it to waste ground disposal. This will assist in reducing the walking from one place to others as well as minimize the infection of the virus.

One of the strategies applying to safeguard the spread of COVID-19 is staying at home, and total lockdown, these two strategies affecting both the economy and business of individual and the nation as a whole. However, the government should make provision for the citizens majorly those that cannot avoid to feed themselves during their stay at home. Most of these people depending on daily work to feed their families. Such people should be given some stipend to use and feed their families. At the same time, provision for nose mask, hand washer and hygiene to clean hands should be provided by the government and make it available for all the citizens.

Provision for isolation centre for the returnee citizens should be another priority for the government. As the government is planning to evacuate the citizens that have been stranded in the diaspora, enough provision should be o ground to welcome them and lead them to the isolation centres where they will stay for a minimum of 14 days. This will assist in examine and discover those that have been affected with the Coronavirus. The government should make sure that such people were not returning back to their family directly. At the isolation centres, health personnel and other medical teams must be available 24/7 to take care of them, and also the security personnel should also be the position to carry out their duties in such centres.

There is no doubt that before the COVID-19 victims were discovered in Nigeria, the issue of security challenges in Nigeria is on the ground. Now that the Coronavirus has taken over the whole world, the government should make an additional plan to provide adequate security to avoid much crime. We are in a world where people find it easier to use any available situation to execute their evil plan. Many will take advantage of stay at home and being isolated to increase their passion for criminal activities, and this may lead to open doors for different kinds of crime within and outside our premises.

In order to fight this possible and potential crime, the government should give security agency their maximum support and equipped them so that they can be able to withstand any criminal activities that may occur at any time at anywhere. Moreover, the securities agency should not use the same situation to go against the human right laws for those they are mandated to protect. The security personnel should be on alert to enforce order in the society. Adequate protection of lives and properties should be among the high focus as the spread of COVID-19 is on, and this can be achieved when the government provide adequate security for her citizens.

Transportation is another important issue that the government should take note of and properly make arrangement for. Recently, the government embark on given directives to the commuters on the number of passengers to carry. It is a welcome development. Moreover, the government should enforce the law that will not allow the commuters to charge the citizens more than the former price. The government can use some transport agencies to achieve their plan in this aspect. Most of the transporters majorly the inter-state is not working, they can make use of them to transport people from one bus stop to another. And this will make the sitting arrangement be comfortable for the commuters and the passengers.


Many people in the country are ignorant about the instructions given to them by the government. Some think they have the freedom to do what they like. They are given simple instructions to stay safe, and they should not walk around because of this deadly disease but some people turn deaf ears and the virus is affecting most of them. so as to avoid this virus we all need to obey the rules.

One of the challenges we are facing in Nigeria right now is the increase in the price of goods and services. The problem we are facing right now does not make us increase the price of the things we sell. If things are sold for a certain amount before, the amount should be reduced so that people can buy from them. many people may not be able to buy costly things at this time of COVID-19 epidemic.

3. GIVE TO OTHERS At this time of COVID-19, we should be kind enough to give what we have to others. If our neighbour needs something and we have excess, we should try and share to them. let’s show love to others. If you have money that can be able to buy somethings to fight the virus, you can give it to the Federal Government.


In order to fight this virus, we all need to join hands together and tackle the issue. People should try their possible best to help fight the disease. We should also be prayerful. So many countries are trying their best to fight the virus, some people have been isolated so as not to transmit it to others. We should take a good decision right now. Those who are sick should be reported so that they can be isolated. We need to focus on the issue and avoid getting the virus. We should be abiding citizens that follow the instructions of the government.

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