If you are overweight and you are approaching or have reached middle age, Blood Sugar Stabilizer Review you may have increased risks of getting diabetes. I am not saying that all overweight people in middle age will get diabetes, but stats have shown that over 80 per cent of people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight.

As we get older we tend to become more inactive, and the more inactive and overweight you are the more you are prone to the risks of getting diabetes. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms and you are overweight and approaching middle age you would be wise to ask your doctor to do a test for diabetes.

- Increased thirst

- Going to the bathroom to urinate a lot, especially at night

- Extreme tiredness

- Weight loss

- Blurred vision

- Genital itching or regular episodes of thrush

For type 1 diabetes these signs and symptoms will be very obvious and could develop over a few weeks. In people with type 2 these symptoms and signs may not be so obvious, and you may have put these signs down to you getting older.

The best way to decrease the risks of getting diabetes is to lose weight and eat a healthy mixed diet. In fact the key to losing weight is adopting a more healthy natural diet. It is far better to do this now than to be told to do it by your doctor that you have to do it because you now have diabetes.

Some of the more modern weight loss programs are based on eating a natural and healthy diet, Not only that but they tend to factor in the nicer things we like to eat as well such as puddings and cakes. I know what you are thinking; you are thinking how can you lose weight if you are allowed to eat puddings? Well the simple truth is that as long as it is worked into your daily eating plan properly you can still eat the nicer things we like to eat and lose weight.


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