Has anyone wondered at the on going protests in Libya against the senseless riots and killings of American diplomats over some supposed video lampooning the prophet Mu hammed.?

Whilst die hard anti-Muslims might see this as an economic consideration i.e, a fear for the millions in aid from America or fear of reprisal attacks from the USA, there's still the possibility that for once, a few people have suddenly realized that humans being who they are, there will always be somebody out there who does not share your beliefs and will see no wrong in .taking potshots at your beliefs. This does not in anyway constitute an escuse to burn and kill.

A reverend on MSNBC, an American television station states that when Jesus is made the butt of a joke as is often the case,, he is not really offended because he does not see the Jesus portrayed in the jokes as his "Jesus", whom he says is a "big boy" and can take care of himself anyway.

A Jewish rabbi on the same program advocates that, we appreciate the separation of the deity from the man as a means to tolerating these circumstances, such that hilarious jokes about a prophet can be viewed as not so offensive or at least tolerable.

The trend in Libya is worthy of emulation by Muslims in Nigeria. While not advocating for any form of riots, genuine concern and condemnation of Boko Haram killings in Nigeria as against mere rhetorics by our "Muslim brothers" will go a long way towards healing the nation.

The justification of these killings by other Muslims or even their silence or half- hearted condemnation has only served to inflame the aggrieved Christians.

Muslims protesting the irrational behavior of other Muslims hitherto unheard of, is the way to bring about a more united society forged on tolerance of other peoples religions.

Muslims also need to lighten up and appreciate the fact that their reactions to jokes about Muhammad, only encourages people who want to goad them, it's the same basic principle everybody applies," the insults that work best are the ones you allow to get to you."

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