Accenture research shows that the viewing of digital video on multiple IP connected devices is proliferating and moving rapidly into the mainstream (Figure 4). For example,Entertainment train,Christian Music, Netflix is creating a strong digital brand as it offers a seamless experience across devices, enabling account holders to start watching video on their smart TV, stop, and pick up where they left off on another device. As leading providers build a more engaging digital video experience and continually refine their offers in response to consumer behavior and preferences, their brands will grow stronger and stronger. It is no coincidence that the BBC’s iPlayer on the iPad is now the most popular way to engage with the BBC’s catch-up and on-demand digital service, with iPlayer in the process emerging as a leading digital brand1 . Both Netflix and iPlayer are very simple to access and operate and are fundamentally changing consumer expectations. The winning digital content providers will be those that achieve ubiquity, and are perceived as brands that are constantly connected and ‘plugged in’ to their consumers’ digital lifestyles. As software makes access to content simpler, it will drive adoption of these digital video brands as the ‘new normal’ into the mass market.

The time is now to build capabilities for the digital age

The development of powerful digital brands and the incursion of nimble and well-resourced new players in the digital video space pose real threats to traditional content providers’ business models. The response of many to date has been to launch video over IP services that have been defensive or ‘me too’ plays, with only limited integration or ability to exploit synergies with existing video delivery platforms. But as we’ve already seen, future success requires much more than integrating the traditional content supply chain into various digital channels. To go further, traditional providers must develop new –and very different –digital capabilities. Failing to do so will seriously undermine a business’s ability to move forward quickly as the market changes decisively to digital video.

other top digital brands are Christian devotional. e.t.c.

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