The proud seed of an African born slave

For too long I’ve stood shackled by the confinement of shame.
The shame of knowing I’m the seed of an African born slave.
The false mentality, that in America, I’ll never truly live free.
The untrue belief, that I’ll be a slave until I go to my grave.

For years, by the American society, it’s beat and bred inside of me.
I was never meant to be apart of the great American delusion.
I’ve been judged to be just the seed of an African born slave.
A slave brought from Africa as a pawn of the American institution.

Forced to live in blighted areas, I’ve lived the worst of lives.
I ran for my life just to pass through the White neighborhood.
Then as the darkness of the shadows covered the street,
I’m forced to survive and live in ways that no one ever should.

Yet centuries later, here at last, I still stand; proud, tall and strong.
Though continuously pushed around, I’ve refused to be knocked down.
I’m a black man striving hard to survive and fighting to stay alive.
The proud seed of an African born slave and I’ll stand my ground.

America, here I am; take a good sincere look at me.
I’m a strong, proud African-American trying to stay alive.
I’m determined to succeed where I once was out of place.
I’m an outspoken African-American striving hard to survive.

Toward me the world often has been cold and brutal.
People of society are constantly trying to keep me down.
Yet, here I still stand; I’m tall, proud and very strong.
I’m an African-American, the seed of a slave; I’ll stand my ground.

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