According to Ann Landers, “The annals of history are crowded with those who grew from obscurity to greatness”. This goes to tell you that there is enough space for all to print their name in gold, there is no competition in destiny and it’s no longer news that someone grew from nothing to something but the news is how that someone achieved that feat.

The great sage Aristotle also affirmed that,”Excellence is a habit and not an art”. This goes to say that winning is a continuum of our repeated actions and as such is reflected in our daily lives. Life they say is not a bed of roses and brings with it so many miseries, happiness, joys, pains, sadness, laughter and tears. Like seasons, life brings with it rainfall and sunshine, storm and calm, winter and summer. As Shakespeare sums it up, “there is a time to live and a time to die…”

The crux of this write-up is not embedded in the vicissitudes of life or on the issue of death but rather on the aspect of winning and to affirm that we are already winners. To take a moment to realize that we are Giants, that though created as mortals; we are gods who could decide our futures and even the destiny of others without knowing the enormity of our hidden power.

Struggles come and go; I face them too as a human. Sometimes I fall and seem to enjoy the floor but I know I am destined for a great future…I strive to and I get up because I know Great people had fallen and it did not stop them from being Achievers and world beaters. As the renowned Neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson says in his autobiography THINK BIG, “When we see the obstacles in our way as obstacles, we cannot jump over them we moan but when we see them as hurdles, we jump over them”.

Each and every Human being is born to win and when we decide to be mediocres or not to draw from the reservoir of our inner strength, then we come up shortchanged in the currency of success as failures. Man is subservient to his Creator who holds the keys of destiny but chose to leave a spare in our hands in the form of freewill. It is from HIM that we should draw strength from in desperate times and in moments of despair.

It is also pertinent to note that a power of affirmation and self-confidence lies in our utterance. Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali and regarded as the greatest boxer of all time was known as such because He made a statement “I am the Greatest” in the early stages of his career which stood till this day.

The storm will soon be over, I see light at the end of the tunnel; it’s just a matter of time and the growth of a seed of patience and we would get there. Sunshine! I don’t know what you may be going through but believe you are a conqueror and your problems would become a collection of stories to tell to family, friends and you shall be celebrated because you worked hard and deserved it! Learning from the experience of others is a lesser lesson and cheaper than learning from our bitter experiences…Dance your way to victory!

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