Leadership without vision is fruition less. In observing leaders over the years, I have often asked myself several questions such as;

Does the man make the dream?

Or Does the dream makes the man?

My conclusion or the end-result is that both are equally true.

    A man who does not commit 20-30 percent of its time to simply reflect on his/her vision or purpose for living is doomed to maintaining the status quo and always end as an average.

    Take some quality time aside to ask yourself some critical questions;

Who are am I?

Why am I created?

What are my created for?

What is my life purpose or assignment?

How can I better my life, family and generation?

The question goes on and on. Because there is nothing that excites, motivates and spur’s people like the vision to actualize something special and unique in life.

In every part of the world, strong leadership is powerful. Confusion on leadership as regard the vision will result in diminished accomplishments. That is, the vision along with leadership must be clear, concise and at same time precise.

When you cease to dream, you cease to live - (Malcon Forbes). This quote makes me recall the story of Nazi’s Concentration Camp.

There was a study done of the concentration camp survivors. What were the characteristics of those who did not succumb to or suffer disease and starvation in the camp? Victor Frankl was a living answer to that question.

He was a successful Viennese psychiatrist before the Nazist captured and threw him into such dungeon. According to Victor Frankl, there is only one reason why I am here today”. What kept me alive is you. Others gave up hope, but I dreamed and dreamed that someday I would be here telling you how I, Victor Frankl had survived the Nazi Concentration Camps. I have never been here before, I have never seen any of you personally before, I have never given this speech before. But in my dreams (vision), I have stood before you and said these words a thousand times. This means when you study great leaders, you will discover they are men of vision that never cease to dream.

    In the history of the world, every dynamic leadership has always been fired by vision through passion (unquenchable zeal) that throw one’s into action.

                    I.e. Vision = Passion + Action

This is because; vision is like a huge motivational magnet that helps one in life’s low points. And the empire of any man’s future is the empires of the mind which is solely connected to his/her vision (life’s purpose). For you to become anything in life, you must first of all envision it. This is in marriage to the fact that, you can only go as far as you can see (visualize) and to do this, you don’t just see with your natural eyes but with your mind.

The mind of a man is the ’Power House’ and one of the powerful thing we all possess. It is where vision flows from, which is your dream machine.

    Helen keller wrote, “One of the greatest tragedy that can befall any man is not to have a sight but to lack vision.

    To cap it all, vision is the blazing camp fire around which people will gather. It provides light, energy, warmth, direction and unity but many of us stand away in the shadows and refuse to come up to the fire and be part of the vision.

Remember: “Men of vision never die!

See you on TOP…


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