What lessons are there for Nigeria to learn from the Ukraine - Crimea - Russia events even as they still unfold. I think there's a lot to learn as far as the issue of secession is concerned given that we've also had our fair share of a secession attempt in the distant past that culminated into a 30 month civil war.

Perhaps if Nigeria was still a Democratic
nation in the late 60's with a well developed
constitution that accommodates referendum (plebiscite ), the struggle for the realization of Biafra republic would have been actualized through
the process a referendum making it possible
for the then eastern region to secede from
Nigeria just like Crimea has just done recently .

To this extent, Nigeria and her government
must join the rest of the progressive
Democratic nations like the USA and Britain to
condemn the action of Russia in accepting
Crimea 's secession from Ukraine to join it.
This is crucial so we don't send wrong signals
to some segments of Nigeria in the interest of
one Nigeria, since at this point the unity of
Nigeria is not negotiable.

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