The Post also disclosed a detail. Before playing Tottenham

The Post also disclosed a detail. Before playing Tottenham, only eight players took the Manchester United bus from Carrington to the Lori Hotel. The other players drove to  FIFA 19 Coins each other. But no matter what, this Sunday will not be a loss for Burnley Manchester United, otherwise, Mourinho's position is really hard to say.

In the season before joining Liverpool, Salah contributed 15 goals to the Roma team in the league, so people are full of expectations for his performance after joining Liverpool, but even optimistic fans can not think of odds only Saloher, who lost 66, will eventually win the Premier League Golden Boot, and he will be the first player to score 32 goals in 38 games.

It wouldn’t be shocking if Salah once again set off a scoring frenzy in the new season. But like Harry Kane, in a season may fall into a strange circle or spell, the rhythm of the goal is also interrupted, but Salah will not, after all, Salah is not a traditional center Although this statement is not rigorous, all the evidence shows that Salah's score can be copied .

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