The Political Apology of Obseervation.

No comment , No comment and No comment for now.... or how longue can I be under observation of the situation as it is being managed?. Observing who proffer solution and those who are profiting the situation. And the bad resonance it is having on the international scene.

From the beginning of another geo-political manipulation by world power with US and Britain in the forefront alliance and coalition of state sponsor terrorism device on the guise of a friendly intervention with there colonisers( fellow candidates) Nigerians, who having been working along with them against the collective interest of our people just-for their personal interest.

On the national level, am observing the kind of opposition in place, whether it is reel, effective, informative and educative enough to converts a large proportions of Nigerians to the cause of national interest or simply too academic for the majorities of Nigerians understandings.

What are the risk, that we stand for always recurring to men of yesterday, becoming again the polish Jesus of a new saviours – if is not a kind of feudal dictate and a complete manipulation of the militarist of the polity of Nigeria, by people like Obj, Ibb and Danjuma etc., and how will it be possible to resolve the quasi-domineering of the political terrain by those ex-military dictators, who are responsible for the poison pills we having, yet weigh enough battery tools to build a complete hold-up so as to make the system less open to evolution.

Finally, what are the next recourse in term of individuals that can lead the battle to confront with his image of a resolute and nation wide personage that can carry the majorities of Nigerians to say no, is time for new future and a complete sweeping of the whole system.

The situation, too complex and with the absence of a charismatic personage no solution in sight, and the situation will remain and worsen.......... oh I shed tears and cry for my beloved country....Madame Dora, I cry and shed tears for Nigeria, the indecision of some of you people at the right time is deny the opportunity for a regarded possibilities.

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