The Nigerian Judicial System, Challenges And The Way Forward

The Nigeria Judicial System, Challenges And The Way Forward

We will be discussing extensively on the Nigeria Judicial System, its Modus Operandi, its challenges and way forward. It will suffix me to at least analyse a little background of the Nigerian Judiciary.

Books and research have endowed us with lots of proven facts that the Nigeria Judiciary arm of government as it where, have been vested with the responsible of interpreting the law of Nigeria. When having a critical look at the job description of the Nigerian Judicial system, even the blind would visualize it that it is a very important task vested on them. The reason for this is that, the same laws been interpreted by this arm of the government is the bases upon which judgment are made. For this reason, interpretation of laws should be done with all manner of soundness, meritocracy, and serious alacrity.

The Nigeria Judicial System, Challenges And The Way Forward

Now let’s look into the Nigerian judicial system properly. According to facts, the Nigerian Judicial System is made up of what is referred to as ‘the Body of Benchers’ and ‘the Bar’ itself.

For the Body of Benchers as it where is a collection of the highest ranking legal practitioners in the country. And this body is headed by the Chief Justice of the Federation. The council of Benchers also have her members which is the representative of the Chief Judges of the Federation and also very reputable lawyers located in the country.

For the body Bar, this is a body every barristers located in the country. As it where, every one of the barristers, in the country do make up the ‘Nigerian Legal Class’. We are not just here to talk too much on the formation of the Judicial system but how it has fared in pursuing her roles as a law interpreting arm of the government.

The very reason for the judicial system is that, it most times become the last resort for the citizenry of the Nation if the excesses of the Executive and Legislative arms of government are not checkmated. And this is the reason why the judicial system should ensure equity to the maximum level.

For the purpose of knowledge, we must understand that the primary duty vested on the Judiciary is to ensure that the Executive and Legislative arms of government do not function outside their powers which should be within their constitutional provisions which have already been made .

One hindrance to this function have been the fact that the Nigerian Judicial system have been tempered with times without numbers with political class in the society. In the real sense, the Judiciary should in stand isolation while they perform their constitutional responsibility. But what we have currently is the reverse because the Nigeria Judicial system since its appointments comes from the Executive arms and must be sanctioned by the Legislatures, have in one way or the other been sentimental in their judgments.

What The Nigerian Judicial System have been experiencing based on challenges to contend during the dictatorial military have been total abject emasculation to the extent that it lost the substance to its name and only existed as a nomenclatural entity. And finally, the Nigerian Judicial System, sank into the great abyss.

All thanks to the democratic dispensation that have reopened the corridor of organized judicial system to have the capacity to be a watchdog to the polity of the Nation.
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