Electronic Arts today announced that it will play all the features of EA SPORTS NHL 17 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall. From the crest to the open ice control to the entire franchise behind the scenes, the NHL 17 lets you shape the game no matter how you play in the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL. This year, we will provide a new and richer experience for every hockey player NHL Coins. NHL 17 introduces three new models that connect you to the sport to reflect your ultimate hockey fantasy. The new "Champions League" model introduces the thrill of fantasy drafts through the fast superstar draft.
In the EA SPORTS NHL history, the World Cup hockey game mode allows you to join the hockey on the global stage for the first time and compete with your national ice hockey hero.  The NHL 17 also gives unprecedented control over every inch of ice. The new "cyber warfare" system allows you to fight against the important space in front of offense and defense. The real goalkeeper can observe and play the real life of the gesture and the more intelligent "reactionary savior wisdom".

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