The Bible rightly put it, as a man think that is who he is. This implies that the outcome of your thought and ideation determines the course of your actions. That is why if you want to manipulate a man hold on to his mind. If you want him to talk more just hold on to his mind and stir it to the point that he will start talking. If you want him to see God, begin to fill his mind with the word and reposition his mind to a frequency where he will begin to see and understand that God is talking.  If you want to reposition a man’s behavior, first reposition his mind. Whatever you want him to do, start from his mind. The devil understands this secret, so he has nothing to do with your body. He is concern with your mind.


The mindset at conflict refers to a critical point or stage of life when man is spiritual or psychological detached from his real self. There are moments when our feelings completely contradict what we want. At this point, we feel that there is a lack of consistency in our behaviors and attitudes. At some points, we become unpredictable, disorganize and almost lost about ourselves. Our behavior becomes volatile. The activities of the mind become crippled. Decision becomes indecision. According to a writer, “A person who has a scattered or unpredictable behavior is usually the one who has a lot of inner conflicts that have not been resolved, thus lacking a congruent inner space. A conflict simply means

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