The value of sexual intimacy in a relationship is either over-emphasized or wrongly emphasized or both. Sexual intimacy is an integral part of the man-woman relationship. It is, however, not the foundation. All relationships between men and women when founded upon sexual intimacy must crumble regardless of how far it was taken to – dating, courtship, engagement or marriage. This is the bedrock of almost all relationship challenges faced by humanity. Such a relationship could be likened to a drunk driver who is an accident looking for where to happen. Remember the house built by the foolish man on a pack of sand. When the rains came, and the wind blew, and the house came crumbling down. That is what we get when the foundation of our relationship is sexual intimacy, no matter how thrilling.
We must have heard about people seeking for counsel or dissolution of their marriages in six months or less. This is common in a sexual intimacy laden relationship that leads to marriage.
The foundation for lasting and joyful relationships that lead to growing marriage relationships are friendship, mutual respect, honour, faith in God and faith in one another, clarity of purpose, integrity and virtue.
Find a relationship that has endured and you will find these elements at its foundation. Find a relationship that has collapsed and you will find that these virtues were lacking or were not strengthened over time. Those men/women relationships that are still there that lack these elements are one of the hundreds of millions of marriage relationships that are mere caricature of the real thing. Many involved confess being trapped, confused, and running high-blood pressure. It takes a lifetime to sustain the marriage relationships that are well founded. What is the hope for those built upon the sand of sexual intimacy? Most relationships are hanging on because children are involved, or the partners are afraid of what people would say or being seen as failures.
We all need to know that the evil of premarital sex is not a mere religious jargon. It is a foundational issue for success in marriage relationships. Avoidance of premarital sex would enable girls to get what they really want which is who would care for them.
There is a higher doctrine of marriage that the world needs to seriously be considering at this time. This is the eternal dimension of marriage. The popular thing known to man is till death do us part. Marriage is part of the eternal plan of God for His children. If we plan marriages on the till death do us part basis, we increase the chance of failure and heartache. However, if we plan marriage with a vision of the eternal relationship in mind, we would make the foundation sure beforehand.
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