The Jos Crisis Culprits known and to be soon Brought to book?

Here we are again with a newspaper report (Guardian of today, 26/1/10) assuring us that "THE Plateau State Police Command yesterday admitted that it knows the identity of the culprits in the latest Jos crisis, pledging that they will all be brought to book." Next thing now may be setting up of a panel to try them. While such panel will be investigating, the issue may be overtaken by other events and will soon be forgotten. We have heard of these types of promises for too long. What happened to the report of the panel that sat on the last Jos Crisis? I doubt whether this promise can hardly ever be redeemed. We are being deceived. Can what happened to "Chemical Ali" of Iraq happen to the culprits? If that cannot happen then we are not serious about bringing to an end this type of crisis and we may still remain on the terror watch list, I'm afraid unless US decides to consider innocent Nigerians that may be affected unduly by the inclusion of Nigeria on the terror watch list.

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Comment by Law Mefor on January 27, 2010 at 8:16am
It is not true they will bring anybody to book. All the crises in Nigeria from independence to date have all been swept under the carpet. That is why they reemerge to haunt us. You recall the Boko Haram case? Is not swept away? Why should this one be different?

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