The IRAC Rule as a Guide in Legal Writing – Aisha Salami

The first time I heard IRAC I was in 100 Level and I had no clue what it meant, I came late for the class so I missed the part where the lecturer explained it. So whenever he was saying “in answering questions it is best to use IRAC RULE” in my head he was actually saying ‘in answering questions it is best to use HIERARCHY’.  It wasn’t my fault (except for coming late to class) he had this fast way of saying IRAC RULE that wasn’t so clear and hierarchy had a way of fitting in. I felt no need to clarify from my mates because I thought I was right and he had not given any note before my arrival. Anyways, I got the gist of it all in 200level when the lecturer asked if we have been taught THE IRAC RULE and I was like ‘NO’ but my colleagues had already echoed ‘YES’. Then he asked someone to explain it and she went ahead to explain what I thought was ‘HEIRARCHY’, it wasn’t funny then, I was having a mental battle as my brain couldn’t trust my ears anymore.


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