Still on the November 5th Declaration of Independence:
a message from the Biafra Zionist Movement to the Ohaneze
“They should drop this talk about the 2015 presidency and concentrate on how to reclaim our brothers and sisters in Rivers, Delta and Kogi states. This is important now because these people that were enticed into believing that they are not Igbos will not forgive us in future when the chips are down.”
The organization has earmarked November 5 for the re-declaration of the Sovereign State of Biafra.,and they said there is no going back. thier leader Ben Onwuka is currently in the United States canvassing for support and would be back for the “epoch-making occasion.” the group’s leader aims to forge alliance with United States-based Biafra groups such as Biafra Foundation and Biafra Government in Exile (BGI) on the November 5 re-declaration.
I kinda have a mixed feelings,but I'm sure will be happy to witness this...
Mainly because my brothers at Bakassi peninsula will follow suits,since the Nigerian government are giving deaf ear to their cry..,I'm a fully blooded Bakassi(Bakassi Local government is the sixth local government of Oron which was initially given to Cross River state)this can be confirmed from any archive,also google(wikipedia),therefore by extension I am A Bakassian.(Winks)

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