Recently,all the fees paid in EBSU were tripled.First year students of faculty of health science and technology,basic medicine and law now pay #150,000 while the continuous students pay #90,000 contrary to #60,000 and #30,000been payed subsequently.this was equally applicable to students of the other faculties whose fees were increased in the same manner..the development is just one of the ordeal of the student of the institution whose despite the huge fees still receive lectures standing or sitting on blocks..
the man power here is minimal and their altitudes to work and to students is simply discouraging..sorting courses and bribe taking is a culture..the brecent peaceful protest of the the student of the ishieke ennex was an effort in futile and to consolidate their evil agenda, the governing council dissolved the the elected student government and appointed theirs to protect their selfish interest..
About 50% of the students offered admission could not futher to registeration because they cannot afford the new fee regime and this is happening in the one of the education less developed state in the country where the governor stated that education is the priority of his administration..
The university teaching hospital is in a delapidated condition and the haelth of the people is always under threat in the hospital due to lack of equipment and manpower and the state government has shown no interest in meeting the these numerous challanges..instead the governor conived with the VC to increase the fee beyond the reach of the poor stating categorically that education is not meant for the the poor despite the fact that this is a state where 70% live beyond poverty level..
All i could ask ELECHI and IDIKA is where is ur concience..only god can deliver us from ur evil hands and bear in mind that what goes up must come down.

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