This nation, our nation has suffered too much in the hands of the insensitive leaders that have paraded the stage of ruler ship. The other day someone was asking me, what do think is the
hope of this nation. Well, let’s see it this way, or basically from my own
perspective as a youth of these nation, who has felt and suffered the whips of
this so called leaders. As a youth, even if I have not seen much I have seen
little to help me draw conclusions concerning these issues that has mostly
affected me and other youths like myself. The greatest crime anyone can commit
against any youth is to deny them of their rights, and the right of the youth
is proper education, of which without it you render them useless and of no use
to this nation. Somebody will say why is this fellow talking as if the
education system is not even working at all, well I’d say its working but not
yielding the required output. We, as a nation turn out half baked graduates
with nothing to offer this nation, should our leaders be pardoned for
pretending not to see all these as a major threat against the future of this
nation? But of course how could they
have anything to offer, when all through their time in school, all the they are
being thought is theories with no practical’s to back up all they’ve learnt,
how would there be? When the laboratories
are not in good shape, Areas that even suffer the most are the sciences,
technology and engineering. No research facilities on ground, in fact nothing
new to learn when lecturers are just repeating lecture notes year in year out,
no proper funding that would enable lecturers to go for further research,
knowing full well that research is the back bone of effective learning. Nothing
is serving as incentive to encourage learning and education, even the so called
scholarship offers, instead of giving them to the best and brightest students,
they hand pick the sons and daughters of chairmen and commissioners, why? Am
sure its just to book their next appointment. In addition to all of this is the
issue of brain drain, brain drain is a gain for the developed countries and a
loss to the developing countries (Nigeria) because the best and brightest can
migrate leaving behind the weak and less imaginative. From all these issues,
the question that beg for answers are, what are this leaders doing to correct
this issues and what are they doing to better the lives of the youths? Then,
let our leaders know that there is no amount spent on the EUDCATION of the
youths of this nation that is a waste, but instead an investment into the
future of this great nation.

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