The issues of life are so many, ranging from health, education social, economic and marriage. As easy as it for some, that’s how hard and difficult it is for others, many have lost hope while few are still
standing but for how long, that is the question. Considering a society like
mine, where the youths are mostly hit by these issues, which in their case
concerns EDUCATION, and hope for a better future. Such is the dream of every
youth but reverse is the case here, instead, they have taking to the street in
search for a means of survival. Many from a poor background, some with no
parents thanks to broken marriages. Youth who are the hope of this nation are
no more but mere rouges, tugs and armed robbers, why? Because they have to
survive. Where is the hope of a nation when its youths are not educated? Why?
Has the government and our leaders fail to see that there is no hope for this
nation, the proposed vision 2020 or that of 2050 might not see the daylight,
when the youths are roaming the streets helplessly with no proper education,
which is the bed rock of any nation. The children of the rich are getting
education overseas while the children of the poor are becoming militants,
touts, and thieves. Let it be known to our government that it is from the hand of
those that have, that we collect for
those that don’t have. Therefore after the children of the rich are well
educated overseas, they will want to
come back home to lead and rule, but I see
from another view, that their return will erupt anger, rage, and revenge from
those who also should have enjoyed the same benefit of having proper education
which this few have. Those rouges, thugs and arm robbers will eventually want to
take what is theirs then. Hmmm! May God help this country.

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