The history of progressive online slots goes back a long way. Since the 1990s when the concept of online gambling came into existence, progressive jackpots and slots started to become popular. Thanks to mobile phones, it has now grown leaps and bounds. It is now possible to play your choicest games on your smartphones and tablets. Today you will find lots of premier online casinos like Plush Casino where you can play your choicest progressive slots and win a huge amount of money. So when did it all start? Let us have an idea of the history of the progressive online slots.

Progressive online slots came into existence in the 1990s

Progressive online slots made its first presence in the 1990s when the first game was developed by leading gaming developer Microgaming. Within few years, the game became a huge hit on the gambling circuit. To cater to the popularity, more gaming agencies started to develop progressive slot games with innovative themes. By the year 1996, casino sites started becoming extremely popular among the common mass, thanks to the lucrative rewards and prizes from the progressive slots and other games. More sites started to come up and gambling licenses started to be distributed by authorizing and government agencies.

In the beginning, progressive online slots were based on a single machine. With each bet, the jackpot used to increase. However, with the inception of advanced gaming platforms, multiple machines came into vogue that allowed more than one games to be played. Two or more casinos can be linked to make a pooled jackpot where multiple players can play.  In this way, the percentage of the bet is calculated in the main jackpot amount. Once a player hits the jackpot, the combined total is accrued from all the connected machines. This leads to substantial growth in the total jackpot amount as several machines come into the play.

Progressive online slots come with modern features

To keep track of the money that is being accumulated, progressive online slots jackpot machines have a jackpot meter. It is located just above the game screen where players can easily view the amount that they have collected. Nowadays, progressive jackpots are now based on a wide area network that links different machines across different establishments or casino parlours, territories or even states. The more the number of machines, the more will be the amount of the progressive jackpot amount. In this way, hundreds of players can play a single game, and all the money gets stored in the central machine. The ultimate winner will bag the huge prize money and become lucky!

The continuous popularity of progressive online slots has really added a lot to the gambling industry. With more and more advanced gaming platforms coming up, the popularity is expected to grow leaps and bounds. Even advanced technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality have been introduced in the games for greater variety. If you want to play some of the most popular progressive slots, log on to Plush Casino. It is a one-stop destination where you get to choose from a wide range of slot games.

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