Who are they? Where are they? What do they actually mean by that? What are they standing for? I just hope that this is not one of the latest and/or last signs of the end of days! We really need to be more commited with watching and praying, for the days are more dangerous than we initially thought.

Sometime last year, I went to visit a friend of mine and on reaching his house, I met two other people who came to visit him. They claimed to be 'hiphop christians'.During the course of the discussion that ensued, I came to know, for the first time, that there are a group of people known as the hiphop christians. From their explanations and arguements, they tried classifying christians based on their personal criteria.

From my little knowledge of the bible, I know that a christian is a christian and there is no classification, no sentiments, no dilution, no consideration, neither is there any personal opinion attached to it. Just as I have always said and will always say, just as the bible made us to know, a christian is anyone who is Christ-like by virtue of the salvation experience which the fellow was privileged to have when he/she believed in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary, in redeeming the whole world and reconciling mankind with God.

Christians were first seen and named in Antioch, according to the holy bible, where observers closely watched and noticed many similarities in conduct, lifestyle and character with that of Jesus while He was still on earth. Invariably, a christian is not a pagan and vice versa. A christian is not just a church-goer, nor a moralist, not to talk of a popular philanthropist; he/she is not just religious or pious but one who is born-again and has consciously taken Jesus to be his/her personal Lord and Saviour. On the other hand, the word 'christian' is not a title or label, it is neither a cover nor for camouflage. It is an ideal name and identity for the redeemed.

I am still trying to understand what those men meant by 'hiphop christians'. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English(6th Edition), hiphop is a type of modern dance music with spoken words and a steady beat played on electronic instruments, originally played by young African Americans; it is the culture of the young African Americans and others who enjoy this type of music, including special styles of art, dress, etc.

I began to wonder why dance, music or the culture of a particular people will be associated and used to qualify christianity. Not only that it was related to dance and music but the lets-go-crazy modern ones. Those songs and dances may not have had anything to do with christianity, but have now been employed as the seemingly good qualification of a way of life which some unprincipled individuals adopted, though they may not be living the true life meant for christians.

It could be that they just loved the strange word 'hiphop' which went a long way reflecting the type of life they wanted to live as against the authentic one.

Intuitively, hiphop christians will be seen as those so-called christians whose lives show reduced standard required of a christian brother or sister. They give room for the civilization that has subtly crept into the churches, which has not ceased to gradually destroy the truth that was handed over to us by our faithful ancestors.

They could be seen as being indifferent in matters that require sharp and quick distinction between right and wrong, which is one the serious matters to fight against in our present day churches(Simply put, indifference is satanic in nature). In fact, compromise is not a serious matter as far as hiphop christians are concerned. They can afford not to be christians for some time, just because of one insignificant, momentary achievement or short-term pleasure. They are just as fickle as the weather, being able to change and accommodate whatsoever will 'benefit' them at any point in time.

Taking a closer look at this, one may not be wrong to say that hiphop christians are not christians after all, based on the stipulated principles and virtues required of a christian according to the bible, the manual of christians. No one can gainsay the fact that true christianity gives no room for even the minutest compromise and appearances of evil, not to talk of those acts that are obviously sacrilegious and abominable. Hiphop christians, so-called, just sought and found excuses to do evil, still bearing the name 'christians'.

Hear this! You cannot be a hiphop christian or anything that looks like it, but can only be a christian or a pagan and not the strange combination of both, under the guise of a hiphop christian.

Self deceit is said to be the worst form of deceit, but day after day people continue to deceive themselves- what a pity! My candid advice, suggestion and plea is for everyone to quickly choose whom to serve. One can decide to unflinchingly serve and please the devil and be ready to be called a pagan, or painstakingly serve and please God wholeheartedly and be qualified for the name 'christian'.

Sitting on the fence as a hiphop christian is not acceptable at all. You only need to decide where to belong because it is this decision that determines our fate for eternity.

. . .Thank God that you now know, at least I told you !!

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