The "Gulder Ultimate Search Reality Show" is here again. Tagged Season 8, the show started in 2004 at the mysterious Snake Island, Lagos. From here, it moved to the "meandering cold hills of Obudu," in Cross River State. Subsequently, it was held in the humid forests of NIFOR, the oil palm research institute in Edo State, followed by that of Shere Hills, Jos, Plateau State, Awgu Hills, Mmaku, Enugu State, Omodo Forest, Aagba, Osun State and Omo Forest, J4, Ogun State. This latest edition comes alive on the famous tourist delight of Ososo Hills, Edo State. Described as a panoramic wonder, Ososo Hills holds a key position in Edo State's untapped tourism business. According to Yusuf Ageni, the Coporate Affairs Manager, Nigerian Breweries (the organisers), this is planned to "stretch man to the very limit of his endurance." NBL identifies venues for its reality show usually staged at tourist havens begging for development. After each event, the governments of the various states that played host to the reality show, are expected to catch in on the opportunity to turn these venues to true tourist destinations for genuine economic advantage.


I hope Edo State Government will read between the lines and use this advantage of being two-time hosts of the show to properly put Edo State's Ososo Hills and NIFOR in the same status of the Obudus of this world.

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