Look at what is Nigeria of today, 70% ex-military and past bands of auto-proclaimed Elders parading themselves to be eminent, without any singularity, traits of neither virtue nor wisdom. Comment, I have lost my father and grand father for this entire purist to gang up in their freesia imagination to sell their roasted bitterness for me and compromise my youthful age, robbed me from my social welfare to life.

The portion, am trying to address here, is to point out how this authentic voyeur had ruins all hope of millions of past and present generations including those yet unborn with theirs acute shortage of foresight, yet not satisfy with their inheritance, still bent to assemble all the gladiators that have licked in the pots and wine us with an empty dressed table for the feast of celebration-acquire to themselves the colourful title of eminent. While they left behind absolutely nothing to continue with nation building, the heritage is to tinny to make a decisive impact that will tolerate any positive development In Nigeria. Why do you think they gather is it because they felt the impact of the past wrong and fashion new hope to remedy it? Of course the answer is no, is because of fear and the facts that they are no more tranquil as they symbolizes the perfect looser of a suppose conflicts generational which they had engage the country without having a clue of the mistake in pocketing at will the capital wealth of the nation as their personal goodwill. Now as they grow old with silver hair, but attract no more respect, they call at each other to celebrate opinions that are irrelevant to the general yearnings of the population whose respect they had lost.

The resolution of our problems in Nigeria, is simple we must first break the tie to seniority, already it is a device by Africans especially Nigerians to cheat that cute of servitude must be removed in our moral orientation growing upbringing. Similarly, we should not surf in any kind of romance with them but graciously rise and tactfully explain to the people the position of things and life elsewhere in any seasoned country of well-wisher leaders what is obtain and can be obtain in Nigeria which is suppose to be a common interest offer the people the alternative to share and be engage in the process of consolidation of a worthy life now and after with a good judgment of discernment clear to each one as project of nation building.

Let us wake up to the challenge, from the limberness, struggle to wrestle power and our life from this too elderly insensitive and busybody who for year and half a century have had the opportunity to make change a driving point but neglect the present and not minding the future, to completely waste colonial gain to be selling us emptiness with a pipe born water without water coming out of it roughing their mouth at any occasion to remind us of their old age as gage of virtue with practically nothing to show for except for their display of immorality and stolen wealth the rest are fake life, otherwise, if we fail to react in this our generation to fight for the future nobody is going to do it for us, some of our past leaders had done it in the past, so it’s to us a struggle merit to be repeated in the circumstances which we are now, which I belief is even more traumatise than the past prevailing situation that alert our past heroes to fight for independent for one of us to become slave in his mother place of birth toss from one place to the other, trekking from Nigeria and passing through the desert of the Sahara to Morocco and Algeria before hoping to get a minuscule boat to sail direction Gibraltar in Spain just because one had to survive for life, many Nigerians in this force adventure had perish, while this big fools gather together doing nothing than to preserve the status-quo and subject the rest of us into eternal slavery not even better than the errand dogs – life must change, mine must change I have resolve not to fold my hand and give others the right to decide my life, if it is going to entail to kill am ready to win my dignity as a man back born with 9mouths hard labour of my mother, it is enough to over respect one who do not care about the tomorrow of his own children’s talk less of mine, while I look and was ask to pray every day for the same leaders who refuse and deny me the basic requirements of life to make us just a little above any wild animals, come and see how people go to toilet in Nigeria, you can’t imagine the horror to call oneself human being, this must be shown to the whole world to see almost 80% live like that, my patriotism have a limit, you can not be preaching patriotism in a sordid environment reject able even by the domestic dogs.

But for those, who don’t care adept of “laisser faire” leave let them continue to do it, it is a pity to be a man or to be call a man one must imperatively stand up in one life time to say I’ve enough of this life without tomorrow, impious world of rhetoric without excitement, this barbaric must stop from today it is an eye for an eye we must invite back hope to Nigeria.

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