On January 1 this year, "ark: survival evolution online" Asia-pacific service was launched, and a large number of domestic loyal fans finally did not have to hang up VPN "dependent", the situation is unprecedented.

The ark has "2000 hours of graduation", the old driver often self-proclaimed. But in fact, in this community, 2000 is the threshold, filled with 3000, 4000 hours of players. To four hours a day on average game time, continuous punching 500 days missed reaches the threshold, and the ark released less than two years, so far its appeal where exactly, for players to so keen? Many people can cite a thousand words to explain the game's highlights ARK Items, but rarely discuss the issue from a research and development perspective.

From the perspective of research and development, there are two great difficulties in the technology of ark: construction decision system and motion frame conversion.

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