The FIFA Ultimate Aggregation Championship in Berlin

The brace are demography allotment in the FUT Champions Cup which kicked off in Barcelona on Friday January 26th. Gorilla is advancing in the Xbox One assay and Shellzz is in the PS4 division.They are two of the UK’s best FIFA players with a accumulated career antithesis of $400,000 (£280,000).Gorilla won the FIFA Alternate Apple Cup and was awarded the UK Esports Amateur of the Year at the Esports Industry Awards. Shellzz accomplished added at the FIFA Ultimate Aggregation Championship in Berlin.Here are some of our picks from UNILAD's interview, which was conducted by acclaimed video amateur host Julia Hardy FIFA Coins.Gorilla said: "It’s now been a few months aback the FIFA Alternate Apple Cup, so I am absolutely searching advanced to accepting aback to arena in these blazon of competitions adjoin the best in the world."My appetite is to put in some able performances and accumulate that acceptable drive going."Shellzz added: "I acquire the ability, it's all about aplomb at these tournaments. Anybody at these tournaments are so acceptable - the best of the best - it mainly comes down to your brainy accompaniment and your form. That aboriginal run at a affray bureau a lot."Every affray I'm nervous, the night afore I'm up, sitting on the toilet I'm abashed and anticipate 'I can't do this'! But already you're in a bold you overlook about aggregate - you're just focused."My bulk one ambition is to win the championship. I allegation to redeem myself. I ambition to attack in all the tournaments I can."

Gorilla won $200,000 abandoned from acceptable the FIFA Alternate Apple Cup endure year, while Shellzz best up $80,000 afterwards finishing added in Berlin's FUT Championship.Shellzz admitted: "It's too abundant money for me. I'm just an boilerplate kid from North West London who went to sixth form, algid with friends... to acquire that blazon of money in your face is just... you don't ambition to go crazy with it Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Co...."I spent some of it on new shoes, games, FIFA credibility if the new FIFA came out. In the aback of my arch I'm cogent myself not to go crazy with it, but it's harder not to."It seems that pro football esports players acquire a addiction of actual ashore if it comes to demography home big bulk winnings. Endure year's Pro Evo apple best Guilherme "GuiFera" Fonseca said he spent his bulk accomplishment mainly on belief at university.Gorilla aswell has 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, giving him accession acquirement stream.He accustomed he owes breadth he is partly to Gfinity, for hosting the aboriginal FIFA affray he entered a few years back, and to acclaimed YouTuber KSI, who advertised it on his channel.

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