The Fall of Gaddafi, Blow to Sub Sahara African Youths.

Yes he is a dictator, yes he must go after 42 years, yes he has done many evil things but there is no gain saying that Libya under Gaddafi has been a melting pot and economic gateway for subsahara African youths. As all fingers are not equal, many poor Subsahara african youths who cannot afford the rogorous efforts to get visa or money for ticket has make their lives marks and living hustling in Libya. As am writing, there is  hundreds of sub sahara african youths in the desert making their way to hustle in Libya. Libya for decades has been the gateway for poor african youths escaping their corrupt government that cannot provide employments and have to navigates their own way through the sahara desert and the Mediterrenean sea via Tripoli and Bengazi just to get to Europe or other part of the world. Libya under Gaddafi has been a melting pot for Subsahara african youths despite all the difficulties and problems, Libya provide them the oppotunities to move forward to europe or go back home after making money they cannot make in their countries. Though it is not easy for the youths, but it is better than languishing in subsahara capitals without hope or future. The fall of Gaddafi government will dent a big blow not just for the african governments he finance, but the poor youths that has make Libya a last resort to see the sunshine of hope outside their Governments that have no agenda for them and the disadvantage. A new Libya with a western puppet will undoubtfully hostile to Subsahara africans they will see as not part of their world rather as African. Poor subsahara african youths will have no choice but languish in thier capitals, swim in ocean of poverty or join gangs and become manece to the society just to survive.   

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