The Elephant in the Room
As population growth soar in Nigeria, there are numerous problems and issues associated with population growth. Challenges are insecurity to lives and properties, and insufficient access to safe water. More people mean less food and crowded cities, increasing populations vulnerable to social disorder, unemployment as we present experience in South East where human abduction are lucrative business.

The systems are weak, are least able to deal with future unemployment, socio-economic and anti social issues. The systems are simply unsustainable; it is a path that will lead us to a future of diminishing resources and increasing conflict. It’s time talk about the elephant in the room. We cannot afford to ignore it any longer. It affects the image of the country, the economy and will have a profound impact on our collective future if we do not do something about the issue of the Youth development and provide meaningful livelihood for these able and dynamic ones of beloved country Nigeria. We would have anarchy and the rule of crime and the criminal. The elephant is the youth developments that need urgent solution.

The Youth Development is a question, problem, and controversial issue that is obvious but which is ignored by the systems (Local Government, State Government, and Federal Government). It is so big we can not ignore it. Our role, as individual/ group of people and three tiers of government to determine the best, workable and sustainable/ continuous programs that will sustain and develop the youths at national and community levels; we are living in tiers; one above another, one below another – individuals, families, neighborhoods, towns, states. Advise government and other organizations as a partner; and, lastly, to train the next generation of leaders.

The elephant awaits.

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