1) Spanish

The Spanish language is one of the languages that you can learn and master within a very short time. It is the official language spoken in three continents and is probably the easiest language to learn in the world. The Spanish language has just ten vowels and words are written in the same way that they are pronounced.

2) Italian

Italian is one of the most beautiful and romantic languages round.

Indeed, it is often referred to as a “romantic” language because of the rhythmic nature of words and sentences. Like Spanish, Italian words are also written in the same way that they are pronounced.

3) Portuguese

Portuguese is another easy language to learn considering its interrogative nature, which only involves the use of intonations without the need to re-arrange phrases.

The only challenge you may encounter in the course of learning is how to pronounce its nasal vowels, a challenge you are most likely to overcome as soon as you consistently practice speaking the language.

4) German

German is not only a fun and descriptive language; it is also one of theeasiest languages to learn.

Except for its long words with most ending in four-noun endings and rough pronunciation, you should find learning German and speak it easy and fun.

5) Afrikaans

The Afrikaans language borrows heavily from both the Dutch and German languages, making it a language that you can learn, speak and write in a short time. The language is not only logical in terms of grammar but is also non-inflective in terms of structure.

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